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Factor Based Strategies

Factor based investment strategies involve the selection of stocks or securities based on specific characteristics associated with higher returns or reduced risk. These factors can include attributes like company size, valuation, profitability, momentum, or volatility.

Investors using factor based strategies can tilt their portfolios away from strategic asset class allocation. However, it’s important to note that these strategies may also come with their own risks and can sometimes underperform the broader market or face periods of inconsistency.

NGEN Brands

NGEN Brands strategies offer exposure to high quality companies with recognisable brands that enjoy a sustainable and competitive return on invested capital. We have formulated a developed markets strategy that invests in brands listed in Western Europe and North America, which is available through managed accounts.

Brand Capital Fund – The developed markets brands strategy is also available via a fund for professional investors. For more information on the fund, please follow the link below.

Managed Accounts

NGEN offers direct investment management services to institutional and professional investors via managed accounts. This customisable service provides access to the professional expertise of a fund manager, who will manage a portfolio of direct stocks (or funds) designed to meet the specific objectives of experienced, high net worth investors.


Brand Capital Fund

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NGEN Markets

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